My Salvation

My name is Mackenzie Matthews-Cook, I am twenty-two years old and I am in my first year of marriage. I am originally from the great state of Texas, but last June after I got married I moved to West Virginia! It has definitely been a great change in my life but I whole-heartedly believe that I am following God’s plan for my life.

But lets start from the beginning. I was raised in a home where we believed in God, we occasionally went to church but it was not a huge deal. The older I got the more curious I got about God. In high school I really struggled on what I believed in for myself. I would go to church more often but I would also go out drinking and amongst other things. I let boys rule my life, instead of Christ. I did what I wanted to do even if I knew it was not right. Living my life this way, I really struggled with my mental health, specifically depression and anxiety. I used medicine to “help” and even saw a therapist to try and help me overcome these obstacles. I was not only living in sin but also going through so much hurt and loss throughout my high school years and that is a story for a different time.

Have you ever heard the saying “having a God shaped hole in your heart”? Well this is the best way I can describe my situation. I had this hole in my life that only God could fill and I was trying to fill it with things of this world and it was only making me more and more miserable as time went on.

In 2015 as a seventeen year old girl I made the realization that if I were to die that I would be going to hell, that I was a dirty rotten sinner and I needed Christ. I went to my youth pastors wife and told her I needed to get saved and she led me to the Lord. The next year of my life was a constant struggle because I knew I belonged to the Lord but I still constantly lived a worldly life. About a year after getting saved and graduating from high school, I decided to finally get serious about my relationship with Christ. I finally got baptized and from then on out I did my best to stay close to the Lord and live my life for him. Then at 18 years old I surrendered to full time ministry. I did not know what God would have in store for that fully, I was still single and I was getting ready to leave for Bible College. I knew God wanted me to be a teacher but that was it. I attended Heartland Baptist Bible College for a year and then I transferred to Crown College of the Bible and met my husband there. We dated for about ten months, then we were engaged for about eight months and then married. After we got married, my husband was asked to come on staff at his church in West Virginia as the mission and outreach director. I help him in those ministries the best I can and I teach a Sunday night children’s class.

Serving the Lord with my husband is the best thing that I could be doing in my life. Living in the Lord’s will is way better than living out of his will. If you are struggling with the call that God has for your life I would highly recommend spending extra time in prayer and ask God to give you direction.

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