My name is Kianny. I’m a 25 year- old who loves to serve the Lord.

God brought me through a lot of difficulties in my childhood, and even now in adulthood.

I used to fear being vulnerable and broken, but God is constantly changing my heart, renewing my mind, and covering my bones with the thick skin that comes with freedom.

I started this blog as a creative outlet because I’m a writer and a creative. I wanted to build a way to share some things that God has shared with me.

I hope and pray that you would be blessed and encouraged with the words and images on here.

All are welcome.

Should you have any ideas, prayer requests, and pieces of your heart you would like for others to see – please reach out.

Message me on Instagram @scripted.faith or E-mail at hello@scriptedfaith.com

Thank You and God Bless 🙂